Small Food’s French Bagel Breakfast Sandwich

Looking for something different at breakfast that isn’t too unhealthy*? Try this baby out.

*Of course there are plenty of easy ways to make this less healthy as well…

1 Whole Wheat Thomas’ Bagel Sandwich Square (or any other soft bagel)
3 Beaten Eggs, separated
1/8c Milk
Part Skim Mozzarella Cheese
Pure Maple Syrup
Lean Chicken or Tofu Breakfast Sausage, cooked (optional)

Mix 1 egg and 1/8c milk in a shallow bowl or dish. Dip inside of each bagel half in bowl so it soaks up half of mixture.

Scramble remaining eggs in a pan. When they are close to done, mix in cheese to taste.

Meanwhile, heat another pan sprayed with oil and cook bagel halves until golden brown on inside. Flip to briefly heat outside.

Butter each inside bagel half and drizzle a small amount of pure maple syrup on each side. Put enough eggs to cover bottom half of bagel, top with a little sausage. Grind coarse sea salt and black pepper on top of eggs, then close sandwich and enjoy.

p.s. This recipe not endorsed by Thomas’ Bagels — we just think the square ones make easier sandwiches, and their soft texture works well here. They are actually quite terrible when used as actual bagels.