Lizbeth Lane Simmer Sauces

Lizbeth Lane Gourmet Cuisine, a small company that has cropped up recently in Malvern, is on a mission to transform weeknight dinners with their line of “simmer sauces”. These all-natural, gluten free sauces — including Lemon Piccata, Roasted Red Pepper, Mediterranean Tomato and Marsala & Tarragon, can be mixed with sauteed meat and/or veggies for a quick, healthy, interesting meal. (There’s actually no such person as Lizbeth Lane. But co-founders Rid Francisco and Michael Dernoga, who self-describe themselves as “two 50-something bald guys”, probably felt the need to create an alter ego to better portray their vision.)

We tried the Lemon Piccata first (pictured) — a classic recipe of lemon, garlic, sherry & capers, plus plenty of herbs and spices. The flavors were fresh and bright, and it certainly upgraded our typical weekday stir-fry. Another classic is the Tarragon Marsala, which, like the piccata, begs for chicken or veal cutlets & pasta. The Roasted Red Pepper sauce, with garlic, basil & a touch of cream, is great on chicken with rice or pasta. Perhaps the most unique sauce is the Mediterranean Tomato, which is made from seafood stock and is a natural match for a shrimp stir-fry.

These gourmet sauces can be found at a number of local markets, including Martini’s in Paoli, Luigi and Giovanni’s in Newtown Square, Tredici in Wayne, and A Taste of Olive in West Chester. They can also be ordered online, alongside Lizbeth Lane’s “recipe-sized” spices, a unique and interesting idea that allows you to buy small quantities of rarely-used spices, (and coming soon, pizza sauces).

Lizbeth Lane Gourmet Cuisine

Note: Complimentary samples of these sauces were provided to MLD.

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