That Food Truck Trend

As the last major food truck event of the year approaches – Philly’s Night Market, October 4th in Chinatown – I can’t help but think about food trucks as a trend in the culinary world and how they will continue to grow as influencers in our suburban communities. The idea of food trucks in general, of course, doesn’t really jive with suburbia. These guys need plentiful foot traffic to survive – especially when they’re serving less than mainstream cuisine, which many often do – and thus are typically located in urban areas.

That said, food trucks have already begun to make a mark in our area. There are a number of trucks in the West Chester University area (which is more urban than Wayne, of course, but still not quite Philly). There’s the Blue Route Taco Truck on the roof of Whole Foods in Plymouth meeting. More importantly, trucks from Philly often come out to the ‘burbs for events such as the East Goshen Farmers Market, Kennett Square Brewfest, and Paoli Blues Festival. These events, of course, are not enough to sustain a truck, but they give suburbanites the opportunity to see what all the downtown fuss is about.

One idea I’d love to see make its way to the ‘burbs is this idea of the food truck roundup. Earlier this summer, we checked out the Brewerytown roundup. In a nutshell, it was 15 or so food trucks, in a field, with some live music, and a bunch of people. We were able to sample food from a variety of trucks (our favorite was Nomad Pizza), and make an interesting, fun summer dinner out of it. There were a number of these events this year in Philly, most notably the aforementioned Night Market. Though obviously there are far more people to pull from downtown, I’d be interested to see if an event like this could work in our area.

What are your thoughts? Could a food truck survive on the Main Line? How can we encourage more to come visit us?

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