Father’s Day Gift Suggestions

1. Grill Toys

We love our Great Outdoors Grill Co. Smoky Mountain Gas Smoker. It’s propane-based, so works great for weekend warriors that don’t have time to tend the fire all day and night, yet it still provides great smoky flavor.

Another great tool is the gas grill rotisserie add-on, which are easy to find for Weber grills. Combine this with a cast-iron smoker box and you may not even need that smoker!

2. Chicken Roaster
One of the best chef-gifts we’ve received is the NapaStyle Vertical Chicken Roaster. Roast a whole chicken while cooking veggies in the juices that naturally flow down into the base of the pan. Delicious.

3. Wine Cellar
Ever since we got a kitchen wine cellar, we’ve been able to enjoy our red wine at the proper temperature (room temperature is too warm!) and even start a cellar collection. These have come down in price enough that they’re a must for any wine lover.

4. Great Coffee
We get ours from Old Bisbee Roasters in Old Bisbee, Arizona. They’ve got a phenomenal rotating selection of seasonal, shade-grown coffees that are roasted to order. We’ve tried a number of online and local services and have yet to find better coffee than at Old Bisbee. Of course, if you don’t want to order online, you can always stop by Burlap & Bean for a nice cup.